Search Engine Optimization


We do the basics to ensure your website is search engine friendly.  We assign metatag data at the default website and individual page levels.  We also include mobile template solutions so that your website is not only Google mobile friendly but much easier to view and navigate to your website visitors.

We will also work with you to help you include and format content so that the keywords and terms you wish to be found on are included in your website so that they will be accessible to search engines.


With few exceptions, we always include a Site Map page with the website.  This page needs to be updated over time as the website us updated with new or changed pages.


We do not provide SEO services directly.  We do include Google Analytics traffic reporting with most websites we create and support.  Getting the best SEO results is a task that typically involves the services of professionals that dedicate thier time specifically to this process.  We can provide you with recommendations and referrals if you wish to increase or maximize your website traffic activity.